Iceland: It does look like the moon, the horses are small, and I brought the wrong charger, so the rest is in my memories

Mosfellsbaer, a town of 9000 where we stayed at first,  just outside Reykjavik

The teens of Mosfellsbaer strike again

Texts at The National Museum of Iceland

Feminist Viking rock band as part of this exhibition:

Remains of “‘Woman in Blue’, a 1,100-year-old young woman whose remains were found in Eastern Iceland in 1938.”

A visit to Webster’s Falls, Hamilton

Ridin’ the Hamilton HSR bus. The HSR stands for “Hamilton Street Railway”

A dog and wigs

Old rocks

Webster’s Falls


I learned a couple weeks ago that Hamilton is home to over 100 waterfalls so my partner and I took a day trip yesterday to hike and get out of the city. Highlights include chatting with friendly locals, wading up Spencer’s Creek barefoot, climbing over giant rocks, seeing a bride trying to navigate the terrain at the foot of Webster’s Falls for some awkward wedding photos, standing under that waterfall and trying to catch a ride back down the hill from a tour bus of monks.

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